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Thanks to everyone who sent/posted comments. Free POM Swag

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Recycle. Replace. Rejuvenate.

Pomtea_tradein Do you want to give back to the environment and try something good for your body at the same time?!

POM Tea is launching a recycling campaign on college campuses - the "POM Tea Trade-In".

We’ll be giving out a FREE glass of antioxidant-rich POM Tea for any beverage container you bring. If you go to University of San Francisco, San Jose State University, New York University or Brown University, you can’t miss this opportunity!

You can also score tons of free goodies such as Pom Tea t-shirts & tanks from American Apparel, free music download gift cards, POM Tea coupons, cool sticky-notepads, and much more. Check out to find out when POM Tea will be on your campus and see daily updates on how many beverage containers your school has recycled.


Recycle. Replace. Rejuvenate…with POM Tea!


Diana Krall Is Amazing and POM Wonderful Is . . . Well, Wonderful

Pom2thumb_2Images56_2Diana Krall is absolutely amazing. No surprise there. I have been a fan of hers for years, never having had the chance, minus one justifiably expensive concert she performed at Royce Hall at UCLA (I passed, to my everlasting regret) for some charitable event, to see her live. At her best, and that qualification is itself somewhat redundant because she is always excellent, Diana Krall makes you happy to be alive; amidst all the stress, anxiety, fear, tumult and speed of life, her beautiful voice - and equally exquisite skills as a pianist - evokes a sort of relaxed elegance. Call it bygone Hollywood glamor, or the American Century with a fine silk tie and a perfectly folded hankerchief. Whatever it is, and it is as real and as emotionally resonant as anything I can imagine, her voice is a gift; it makes you want to enjoy a great drink and simply toast the pleasures of undeniable talent. Well, I saw Diana Krall a few days ago at the Hollywood Bowl -- and she was incredible! I am in awe of her. I also brought two bottles of POM Wonderful Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea. The evening was hot, the drinks cold. A perfect night. Thank you, Diana Krall. Cheers to POM Wonderful.


Food Network, Unwrapped and POM!

Who loves the Food Network? Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I do. I’m addicted. I especially love the Food Network’s show Unwrapped. And it’s not JUST because the host of the show is Marc Summers – the host of my favorite Nickelodeon show growing up called Double Dare. Green slime!? Anyone else remember? Well, anyway, that just makes it even better.

What I really love is how the show explores the secrets behind some of my favorite foods from all across the country. Earlier this week when I heard "Unwrapped" was telling the story of how POM Wonderful Pomegranate Juice is made I ran to Tivo it, being that I work for POM Wonderful! Was I the only who wondered how POM extracts all that juice from the pomegranate fruit (before I came to work at POM?)  A lot of people think it takes FOREVER to juice a pomegranate, but if you watched the show, turns out... it’s a heck of a lot easier when POM does it!

The show explained the whole juicing process from the fields to the bottle.  It airs again a couple more times this month in August, in case anyone else is curious… If you visit the Food Network’s website you should be able to see when it repeats. The Food network originally aired the "Full of flavor" episode on August 13th  VERY COOL! If you missed it,  you can catch later this month:

August 24, 2007 11:30 PM ET/PT

August 25, 2007 2:30 AM ET/PT


POM and The AVP Summer Tour

Any AVP volleyball fans out there...amongst our POM bloggers?

Check it out! AVP's hot-shot April Ross sporting a cool POM tattoo
in the final match of the Seaside Finals broadcast on FOX Sports.

POM Wonderful was at the Manhattan beach stop of the AVP tour
serving up delicious POM Tea & Juice  and giving away cool swag!


AVP Tour -POM Raffle Winners!

Winner! Winner! Winner!

We have our 3 lucky winners for the priceless POM Wonderful Sport Pack.Congratulations Viviane Pope, Lori Schaffhauser, and Carolyn Clancy. We had over 300 entries into the raffle and YOU WON! Big thanks to all the POM Wonderful supporters who showed their love at the this AVP event.

The POM Wonderful booth quenched over 7,000 thirsty visitors. Thats a lot! Working for POM I coordinate / attend cool fun events. This one was AWESOME! I can't wait till next year, to bury my feet in the sand and give out free POM swag!Free_avp_pom_pack_3


POM at the Hollywood Bowl

Images90One of my favorite summer venues is the Hollywood Bowl: the entire place - from its famed architectural history to its storied list of performers to its comfortable setting in Southern California - makes it an ideal destination for summer outings. Last week I saw Gladys Knight at the Bowl, who, while full of energy and suprising banter (the audience ate it up), delivered a truly great performance. The concert was particularly fun because, aside from enjoying a picnic dinner before the show began, I brought two glasses of  POM - Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea to have - my friend had one, thank you very much - while Gladys gave an incredible rendition of some Motown classics. Perfect night. Perfect place. Perfect drink.


Welcome to the POM Wonderful Blog: Lewis, LA Foodie


Welcome to the official POM Wonderful blog. My name is Lewis, and I am a longtime fan of the brand and a resident of Los Angeles. In fact, I contacted the company about helping them with this project, and their reaction was extremely positive. We all want this site to be both informational and fun, celebrating the bloggers who comment about our brands and take the time - believe me, I know blogging is a labor of love - to educate readers about issues of interest, from food to travel to music to health and much, much more.

I share many of these passions, and consider myself an amateur "foodie": I regularly read the food sections of the Los Angeles Times and LA Weekly, always eager to try the latest restaurant or discover a new destination in the city's vast gastronomic universe. Indeed, my love for POM began with sheer impulse; I admired the brand's packaging and notable advertising, and decided - again, no one called me or plucked me from obscurity - to express my thoughts to the company. I write about other food companies, all of whom I contacted because, aside from their uniformly excellent quality, they understand the importance of having a real conversation with their consumers.

As the blog quickly develops, I will showcase fans, promote giveaways, post pictures and offer fun and creative videos. Let's make this site our forum.

Wine, Wine, Wine

My fiancé is a big oenophile so we tend to go to as many wine tastings as he is interested in.  A few months ago, he signed us up for a one of the big tastings in Santa Barbara called the California Wine Festival.  He thought (and rightly so) that we would not only enjoy the wine tasting on a Saturday afternoon overlooking the ocean, but have a great weekend away in a beautiful place. 

Work added a slight twist – turns out Pom Tea was a sponsor – Hurray!!! As much as I love to drink wine – on a hot summer day, the Pom Tea in Pomegranate Black Tea and Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea flavors, was the perfect drink to quench my thirst and provide a needed break between my wining.  I know the other tasters felt the same way.  Here are some of the pictures from the event.

California_wine_festival_008 California_wine_festival_015_2 California_wine_festival_001


Girls' Night Out - Hollywood, California

Girls night out.  I always liked that – a time to be with friends, get pampered or just enjoy a chick flick.  So I volunteered to go to Health Magazine’s Girls Night Out event last night for an advanced preview showing of the new movie Hairspray and a prescreening reception that revolved around the primping and pampering you’d expect from a movie entitled Hairspray (yes I know – I have a tough job). 

POM was the drink sponsor for the event and we had refreshing POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice smoothies (juice and ice simply blended in an Osterizer) and POM Tea samples in both Lychee Green Tea and Peach Passion flavors to quench the thirst of the pampered guests.  They were the perfect drinks to go with the hors d’oeuvres –steak on wasabi mashed potatoes on easy to pick up tortilla chips, spinach and goat cheese quesadillas and grilled chicken skewers with a miso sauce – yummy.  I guess you can tell that I didn’t get too pampered but I did eat well. I also really liked the movie too! Here are some pictures from the event - enjoy.



Bloomingdale's Prom Event - April 2007

Prom Dresses and POM Tea?  It makes us!  POM wanted to fuel these lovely ladies and gentlemen for some Prom power shopping!

Mvc001s Mvc003s Mvc013s Mvc027s Mvc030s