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I am so sad about this move. I won't buy the plastic bottle and will miss the glass for all of the reasons already stated. Here in TN, not many folk drink specialty teas and the movement towards organics and eco-conciousness is slow moving. I have loved turning friends on to POM tea and found people open to it because of the unique glass. :(


I am in complete agreement with everyone on this site. I have been purchasing this tea for its fine taste AND since I saw a buddy reusing the glasses. I understand why you thought plastic was a good idea, lower trans. costs, more tea, ect.. but I could only justify the purchase for the reason of the glass. Furthmore, in my natural section at my local grocery almost all the tea there is in glass and these are from much smaller distributors than your own. Plastic does change the taste and I try to reduce my carbon footprint by not using plastic or reusing what I am forced to buy. This bottle does not allow me to do either. So I will join the ranks of not buying this product until I see it in glass.


WHAT???? I bought POM Tea JUST for the glasses. My daughter recently asked me to buy her 8 and they are no longer available. People are USING the glasses. I hope POM seriously reconsiders this marketing decision. From the feedback here, it would appear that this is a huge mistake. I will not be buying POM until they glasses make a comeback!


Go back to glass... I will add my name to this long list of disappointed customers... I will also not be drinking POM tea from toxic, plastic containers... Glass is reusable, plastic pollutes the ocean and the environment (recyclable or not)...all plastic that has ever been made still exists and thats disgusting...I will not be adding my purchase power to that equation!!!


So disappointed that your product looks exactly like all the others. And now with the plastic, it actually taste like all the other products too. I am no longer buying your teas. I miss the glass jars. The taste was so much better!!!! Can you please go back to using the glass jars?

Thank you so much.


I was quite disappointed when I saw the new plastic bottles at the grocery store. The glass bottles were such an inventive and unique idea and it really supported the idea of reusing. I am really surprised that POM decided to go the opposite direction. I hope that POM will reconsider bringing back the glass bottles.

Unhappy Plastic

Please please please go back to glass. My girlfriend and I had been buying and using the glass bottles for water bottles, because they were so convenient! They were easy to carry, and were pretty much perfect. I don't mean to say that the teas weren't good, because they were delicious, but they definitely taste better in the glass. The fact that we knew that we were going to be able to reuse the glass bottles made the taste even better. It hurts my partner and I that you guys took the sell-out road because you thought that it would be more money for you, but in fact, that was a poor decision, because now you've lost two more consumers of your product. If you return to glass (which we all hope you will) you will again see us in the stores buying your product.
Plastic Kills


And here I thought maybe my store just forgot to order some products. I miss the glass glasses and the glass bottles. I want both of them back. They are being reused by me every day.

I will not be purchasing any tea in plastic containers. Toxins from plastic pollutes the internal environment inside my cells.

Guess it is time for me to plant a few pomegranate trees and make my own juice and tea.

If POM really wants to help the environment and offer consumers what they want they will sell both the glass and the plastic side by side making sure stores keep adequate stock of both and let the consumer vote with their pocketbooks.

I could go on and on about this, but other posts here have made the point quite nicely regarding the insanity of converting to plastic.

Austin B

I gues I don't be buying POM anymore either.


Who did your market research POM? Unique sells ~ Your product not only was unique but every day I see your logo in my cuboard with my other glasses. Too bad ~ corporate greed takes it's toll on another fine product.

Andy Pultorak

I agree. POM should not eliminate the glass jars that made them such a cool purchase. Yeah you're paying $4 for a glass of tea and juice, but I wound up supplying glasses for my entire office and home with my leftover poms. Shame on you, makers of pom tea, you make us all feel dirty with your plastic bottles.


it's amazing that there is only one posting (did i count right?) supporting the switch. rarely do you find opinion virtually 100% in favor or against something. goes to show what a blunder POM has made in switching to plastic. like most, i bought the tea because it came in such a charming glass. now i walk on by the POM items lamenting the loss.

Rick & Sharon

My wife and I went to our local Safeway supermarket about a month ago and our hearts sunk when we walked up to the section which contained the POM beverages. Plastic? SELL-OUTS! We just knew we'd find a statement from your company claiming to be saving the earth in some way by switching to plastic. Anyone can justify just about anything with some B.S. statistics. I don't buy your "50% energy savings in creating the container" stat.

You see like many others here our bottles did not go directly into the trash. Instead we used them for a range of things from drinking glasses, smoothie containers, flower vases, wedding center pieces, etc. These wonderful little glass jars are one of the only reasons we drank POM to begin with. Drink tea --> get cool jar you can reuse for other purposes.

Now that reason is gone and so is our money that regularly came into your company. This decision was strictly profit based for POM and if you were intelligent enough to look at the numerous people here in these comments and realize they're only a FRACTIONATED SAMPLE of your typical consumer, you'd switch back to glass despite whatever cost you invested in plastic bottling. Seems to me if you don't, you'll stand to lose A LOT more customers then you could ever even hope to gain.

Sad, sad, sad... just like any other tea & beverage company now - not a unique thing to POM any longer in my humble opinion.
Also as for the statement that it is your belief it's more convenient for the consumer to be able to carry the bottle with them (screw on cap), I call B.S. on that as well. If I needed to carry my POM tea in the past I would simply transfer it to one of the bazillion existing plastic bottles that float in & out of my home on a yearly basis.

Congratulations on joining the countless ranks of mediocrity of companies.


I found out that the supermarket is now charging more for the plastic bottles than what was previously charged for the glass. Not only is the move to plastic less environmentally conscious, it is also hurting the consumer. More waste, cheap containers exuding toxins, and higher cost hurting the consumer all seem to say the move to plastic was not a good choice.
Go back to Glass!


In response to the 'more tea for the same price'. The supermarkets are charging more for the plastic containers. Although POM may be charging the same price, the supermarket is charging more, and the consumer is losing yet again.
Go back to glass!


In response to the 'more tea for the same price'. The supermarkets are charging more for the plastic containers. Although POM may be charging the same price, the supermarket is charging more, and the consumer is losing yet again.
Go back to glass!

Rachel Logan

I am very disappointed as well in your switch to plastic. I will no longer purchase my favorite tea :( Read www.mercola.com to find out all the reasons plastic is awful for our health. I found it refreshing that you were using glass and tried the product for that reason alone. Glass is the best thing to preserve the teas amazing flavor and taste. Please rethink this decision!

nanette atler

the only reason i paid the outrageous price was for the glass bottle.


love the tea n love the glass hate the new bottle doesnt taste as good sad u had 2 change I guess I`ll have 2 find something else n glass. guess u didn`t like us buying your tea!!!


Why would you change from glass to plastic? That is one of the worst decisions you could make! I bought your product because it was in a glass bottle. It was so satisfying to know that i would not be consuming plastic particles due to bad packaging. I respected your company for being responsible, and choosing glass. Why did you sell out?

Hoda Masseoud

Why in the world would you take a wonderful product only to make it make health hazzards? We are all aware of the BPA chemical that is in plastic containers which proved to be hazzard for our health.

With glass bottles you don't have to worry about giving up good taste or having an after taste with the juice or even the tea.

I am hoping that with that fact in mind that consumers will have the choice between both glass and plastic.

You talk about how good the juice is for you, so don't take a good thing and turn it into something bad!

Thank you, Hoda

Joey Walls

Looks like I will also stop buying POM tea, I liked the glass container enough to pay the extra price for it.


I am very dissappointed that POM teas will no longer be in the glass bottles. I keep and reuse (recycle) the glass bottles after I drink the tea. Now that these teas are in the same gross plastic bottles everyone else has, I see no reason to buy the tea anymore. The tea itself isn't nearly good enought to warrant the price.


I, like so many others am extremely disappointed in the change from glass to plastic. I realize the plastic is now supposed to be more eco-friendly, but as all plastic is made from chemicals i cannot believe that. I found there was nothing wrong with the glass POM jars. I have dropped them many times and they have not broken, nor has the lid even come off. I took my POM jars everywhere as i thought they were very easy to travel with. I have to say i am very disappointed, and it is very unlikeley that i will be purchasing this product again.


I was very disapointed to see that you changed your bottles from glass to plastic, I'm sorry but that was a very stupid move. You say that it is better for the environment, when its really not, glass can always be melted down and made into something else, but as I have seen here many individuals collected those glass bottles and used them for cups, I did this as well and used them for a variety of other things, so they were actually being re-used anyways, why waste money on making bottles that will probebly just be thrown out anyways? If you really cared about the environment you would not be using those cheap bottles. Plus the glass always made the juice feel cold and taste better, now its just so-so. I respect your company but I should hope that you would concentrate on the quality and originality of your product by bringing back the glass bottles.

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