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Cynthia Carney

Will you be selling the POM Wonderful in Massachusetts? I can't find it in my local stores, such as
Hannaford or Stop and Shop. Where can I buy it. Also, I too believe that the glass bottles are best, and in my area the glass bottle is recycleable too. The plastic changes the taste & can leach into the juice or tea.

Liz Koch

Anyone looking to sell old Pom Tea glasses? I'd love to buy! Please contact me at [email protected]. Thanks!

Ryan Montgomery

I am also sad to see your product use plastic. As a college student your glass containers made up my glassware stock. I used them at parties and if one ever broke, I knew that I could go buy one and get a tasty treat with my new cup. I have also turned quite a few glasses into lucky bamboo holders and given them as gifts. Also the way you had to "pop" the aluminum lid really made that first sip an experience. I remember the first time I popped the lid and heard the rush of air and fragrance of the tea. These tactile and auditory cues were ones I came to associate with the freshness of your product. Please take all these comments to heart and bring back a wonderful container, even if the market is going downward and glass is more expensive. Cheaper = a cheaper image = not good for customer brand loyalty.


I am really disappointed. no need to reitterate what everyone else said. Please bring the glass back. I will no longer be purchasing your product as that was my main reason. I like the way glass tastes, how it can be used and kept clean, and does not hurt the environment. We are a disposable society and products like the glass container promoted a change in the right direction. Please consider bringing this back. It said a lot about your company, and I believe this is a step in the wrong direction.


The glass was the only reason I bought your product as opposed to other cheaper brands-very disappointing that you switched to plastic. Add my name to the growing list of lost customers....


Please bring the glass containers back. Everyone loved them, and associated them with the products.


I echo the sentiments of those who have posted before me. Your glasses were not only infinitely reusable, but were also very important in preserving the health benefits of your tea. I remember back in 2004 when I could buy your juice in the glass "bubble" bottles, and when those were discontinues, I took heart in the fact that at least your tea came in glass. There is someting comforting about the solid feel of that glass, the knowledge that the weight equaled something wholesome, something different. As many other posters have stated, your tea was special and delicious out those glasses, and they were the first thing I reached for in the store. They made picnics special and were used in my home for everything from soup containers to bring for lunch, to reusable containers to store the spices I bought in bulk. I am disappointed, SO VERY disappointed to see that you have done away with these iconic glasses. They told us that your company cared for and stood for something stronger than mainstream "ease." I am angry that there was no advertisement to let us know that this switch was to happen. I would have stocked up. And maybe these comments could have convinced you to consider your audience. I will not support your new bottles, and will find another company that has stayed true to thier customers. I honestly hope that this comment makes a difference to someone.

Pam M.

I, too, am sorry to see the glasses go. I was happy with the newer version glasses with the embossed logo. They were a special reason for buying the product. I will no longer buy it in the plastic bottles. Wish I'd have known the change was coming so I could have stocked up!


I am also disappointed with the switch from glass jars to plastic. I love the tea and I loved the jars, but I will no longer be buying your products due to the switch.

Mathew L Hatton

I'll have to echo many of the other sentiments here in saying that you've likely lost a customer with this switch. I brew my own tea, but when I'm short on time I always picked up a POM and was delighted to know that after I was finished drinking I'd have a reusable glass container that would last for years to come. Much (if not all) of your brands appeal has been lost with this decision. Very sorry to hear about this choice, but I wish the best of luck to you.

C. R.

I, like virtualy everyone else here, am deeply saddened and disappointed by the change from glass to plastic. I don't have a lot of disposable income as the sole parent of three children, but I put my money where it matters and I supported you because of the glass containers. My three children use them, I gave them to friends (who then bought POM themselves), I didn't worry about breaking one and was delighted that a company would be so classy about being environmentally conscious. Please, go back to glass - your many, many customers (and the Future) will thank you!!


My wife and I are done buying POM as well. We loved the glass containers and use them as glasses. Shame.


Go back to glass and I'll go back to being a customer.


My husband and I are very anti-plastic people. We miss the old bubble bottles and the glasses. We got quite a few people addicted to POM due to the tall glasses with lids. If I wanted a plastic bottle there are HUNDREDS of other people doing it, and cheaper! The diffrence with POM was the glass.
Hey POM, wanna make some $$ quick? Sell all your old stock of bottles, there is quite a market for them!
Spokane, WA


Sorry, POM. From now on I'll be purchasing my tea from those companies that haven't sold out to plastic.


THIS COMPLETELY SUCKS, AND SO DOES YOUR COMPANY FOR SELLING OUT. Like ALL the others, I bought the EXPENSIVE stuff for the glass. They are completely versatile for endless reasons and the 'footprint' you leave is MUCH bigger now because of the plastic. I can taste a BIG difference in the quality of your tea. It is scientifically proven that plastic changes the way things taste, which comes secondary to the fact that now your dumping a ton of chemicals down your throat! Any glass containers I buy at the store I re-use(i.e. applesauce, jelly, salsa,etc). I can't justify buying your tea anymore. I can make my own tea.
I can just imagine the surge in money you'll get IF you decide to go back to what YOU KNOW IS RIGHT.
Don't take the easy way out, go back to glass....PLEASE!

bad move

recycling plastic may be very good, but drinking from it is not...
any benefits from the pom is completely outweighed by the hazards of plastic.




OMG, WAT? no more POM tea in the glass container, that is so not kool. all this time i enjoyed the great taste of this fantastic tea but the best part to it was the glass container. as bad as i crave POM tea 4rm now on I just wont buy till they got back to glass. please!!!!!

Amanda Nelson

I am going to add my name to this long list. One of the reasons, like so many others, that I justified the purchase of this tea was with the glass. I was shocked and saddened when I went to the store tonight and was confronted with a plastic bottle. It was on sale, so I bought two bottles - and I have to agree, the taste just isn't as good, plus I am being more wasteful since this will be recycled rather than used for years to come.

Bad move. I hope you reconsider.


I was shocked and saddened to find the glass bottles no longer available. The reusability of the glass containers greatly outweighed the extra energy they supposedly cost to produce. My friends and family are no longer buying POM products. :(


WEll, what a shame!!! We recently found out about POM because of the glass of course, like everyone else, and were excited about having some cool glasses in the cupboard. mom and I ran from store to store hoping that maybe one of them would still have some on their shelves. no luck! I bet your company has taken a serious dip in sales since this bad choice!


it's a total shame, the switch to plastic. i emailed the company asking to purchase a few residual cases of tea in glass. i was informed that none are left. very sad.

providence, rhode island


Wow...talk about a step in the wrong direction. Which people were surveyed for this research? Frankly, I only bought Pom Tea drinks because of the GLASS bottle....I had like 3 - 4 bottles at home. I ran to 3 different grocery stores just looking for the glass container. Please change back from plastic to glass...as I'm sure you will lose many customers if you do so.


I agree -- I loved the glasses for the reusability factor and that they have a retro, classy vibe.

Plastic bottles can be recycled, yes, but those cool glasses, that apparently were much loved, are much more earth friendly in the long run if everyone saves and reuses them.

No more POM for me as a protest... the cost of the tea (yummy as it is) was only worth it because of the cool glass. Now, with no souvenir glass, I just won't by your tea.

Please strongly reconsider returning to the "good old days" of POM tea.

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